Sunday, January 22, 2012

Community Equals Recourses

            As a teacher I will be using many resources to give my students information and experiences. Some will be books, websites, and tools. However some of the resources that I think my students can get a lot out of are places within the community.

            The other day I went to my local Kroger and asked the manager if field trips were allowed and what might be included. Even though I let him know that I was only a student and did not have a class at the moment, he seemed happy to let me know what a field trip to the Kroger would include. He first explained what students could take away from here. I had known why I would pick a grocery store for a field trip but I did not think that he would start by saying what I had originally thought. He said a grocery store has a community and home feeling that children are used to but also has plenty of new things that could interest them as well. A tour here would be like finding a hidden room at your own home. He then told me what a tour would include. There would be a “behind the scenes tour, a trip to the office on the second floor, free samples with tasty foods, and also possible goody-bags for the students. Lastly he said that they also take suggestions and work with teachers in planning the tour.

            After talking to him I realized that a lot of stores and people within the community enjoy being able to help schools. If teachers are willing to ask around, the students can gain new meaningful experiences in their community.

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